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Glen Burton Electric Guitar

The Glen Burton electric guitar comes in a wide variety of classic as well as contemporary styles, many of which are economy-priced copies of the great classic guitars. Among the most popular of these are the Glen Burton Gibson Les Paul copy, the Glen Burton Fender Telecaster copy, and the Glen Burton Gibson SG copy, all of which are built well at a much more affordable price than the classic guitars they mimic.

Glen Burton “SG Style” Demon Electric Guitar

The Glen Burton GE-56 “SG style” electric guitar is an affordable version of the classic Gibson SG, excellent for beginners. Like the SG the Glen Burton copy is a solid body electric guitar featuring 2 Humbucker pickups, with volume and tone controls for each pickup, and the standard 3-way pickup-selector switch, to achieve a variety or tones, from a rich mellow sound to a midrange tone to a strong cutting lead-style tone. This guitar is available in red, black, and metallic blue finishes.

Glen Burton Gibson “Les Paul Style” Electric Guitar

The Glen Burton Gibson Les Paul copy is a good low-priced version of Gibson’s classic Les Paul model but at a much lower price. It makes a good beginner guitar or a nice addition to have around for most any guitarist. The important thing is that it plays well and sounds pretty darn good. It is made of Asian ash with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with rectangular inlays. The standard Gibson-style configuration is used, incorporating 2 Humbucker pickups with tone and volume controls for each, along with the 3-way pickup selector toggle switch in easy reach above the pickups. The intonation is good, and it is easy to keep in tune. You can also breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that it’s a lighter weight guitar than the rather weighty Les Paul.

Glen Burton Fender “Telecaster Style” Electric Guitar

The Glen Burton Fender Telecaster copy is a pretty amazing low-end copy of the all-time great Fender Telecaster. It features a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The body is made of lightweight basswood. Keeping with the simplicity of the Telecaster design, there is a 3-way pickup toggle selector switch, allowing for a wide spectrum of tonality, with one volume and one tone control. The unique sound and projection of the Telecaster is captured in this affordable rendition.

Unique Guitars

Glen Burton also produces some out-of-the-ordinary styles of electric guitars, one of which is their American Flag model. The body is shaped like a map of the United States and you can choose either an American Flag design or a Confederate Flag design. This guitar features a maple body with hand-painted design, Asian mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard, two humbucker pickups, with one volume and one tone control. As with other Glen Burton guitars, the sound is good, they note well all the way up the fretboard, and they’re easy to keep in tune.

Whatever model you’re looking at the Glen Burton Electric Guitar is a fine choice, and even more so if you’re just starting out on a budget and want an instrument that will get the job done.